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July 21 2009

The official video clip of 'Forever' is realized in the series 'Elle, Lui... l'Amour ! with Ariane Zantain and Olivier Vaughn.

February 6 2009

As Gil Robert is the official music composer for theatre and TV series 'Elle, Lui... l'Amour !" with Ariane Zantain and Olivier Vaughn, Statelight album 'Human Love' makes great part of the soundtrack used in the first theatre play 'Le Goût du Jour', staged by Daphné Cornez.

January 3 2008

Happy new year to everybody, enjoy this new musical year as far as we do... This morning, we've just received the first and brand-new compilation 'The Egg take one' from Sunny Side Up records... As first band on the CD, we hope we'll get the change to meet all the (inter)national bands that also sign this album like: The Ignition, Cecilia Eyes, Wan's, Shedai, B-Shake, Milk The Fish. If you want a copy: please feel free to contact us! Price: 12euros (distribution by )

December 31 2007

2007 is gonna be... far away... and 2008 is already there. After 1 crazy musical year we would like to thank you : our friends, our public, everybody that trusted us and gave us the opportunity to play in Belgium and Luxembourg... We wish you a really nice and sweat New Year... By the way, our next gig is on February 23rd in Namur (Maison de la Culture) for the RUN Festival (for its 15th years)!!! We'll play with 'Ema White', 'Sam et les Orphelins' and 'Tripoli' as last band.

December 17 2007

Yesss! We just received a really good news: we gonna be a part of the new (and first) compilation of Sunny Side Up records: The Egg take One! Among several bands, we were chosen to be the first band on the CD... We hope to receive the demo soon... Thank you Sunny!

November 3 2007

On Saturday October 19th we played @Schabernak in Evere... We had a really good sound there and a nice ambiance! Let's have fun, baby!

And, as we previously said, it was really important for us because it was our first gig in the 'Flemish part' of the country... and we hope to have many others there!

October 15 2007

On Saturday October 19th we'll play @Schabernak in Evere, a location used by "De Rockfabriek"... We hope to see you there! Let's the music play!

September 5 2007

Don't forget our gig tomorrow @La Caracole (Dinant, not so far away from Namur for those who don't know how to go here...) we'll play with I Kiss the Girl and Pornorama. Entrance at 20h.

September 1 2007

Brussels again! Oh yeah: here we are! Tonight, at 00.00 (what a nice number to have a show!) we'll have a gig @ l'Ancienne Ecole de Battelerie during the famous O[n]ze Festival. We hope to see you there where we will be pleased to present our very new album 'Human Love3' to you...

If you don't have the chance to come tonight, we'll be @Arden's rock next week (September 6) in Dinant. It's never too late... And, then (on October 19th), you can see us in Brussels again @Schabernak (Jeugdhuis) in Evere. It's an important date for us because it's gonna be our first date in the 'Flemish part' of the country.

August 1 2007

Our next gig is on September 1st in Brussels. We'll be playing at one of the most famous festival of Brussels: O[n]ze Festival.

O[N]ZE funny weekends, a scene, 11 expos, 22 concerts, 33 dates distributed over 11 weekends, 1001 surprises, a privileged site - l'Ancienne Ecole de Batellerie, from July 21st to September 30 2007.

The festival organized by 'Bulex Asbl' will finish at the time of the European NUIT BLANCHE in Brussels.

July 9 2007

Yesterday we get the chance to play @ ROCK um KNUEDLER free festival! The cloudy weather wasn't a wall for the public we had there: thank you! Just before the rain and Johnny Clegg we get a really good moment, with you in Luxembourg... We also had the chance to make a DVD of our concert; If you want a copy, don't hesitate to contact us! Thanks again to our 'promo-girls' and everybody!

June 29 2007

Wow, what an important gig for us!!!

With its 3 stages, the free festival "Rock um Knuedler" became in 17 years one of the most important event of the pop-rock Luxembourg scene. Each year, 15.000 fans of music gather at Luxembourg to attend this free festival. And this year, Statelight is really proud to play this show on the international third stage... and we hope to see you there!

WHERE: Place Clairefontaine, Luxembourg-city (see:

WHEN: This Sunday July 8th, 2007 from19h15 to 20h00

PRICE: FREE festival

June 25 2007

On June, 21st we played in Brussels (La Battelerie), it was really nice and we had a really good time playing there, thanks to the hot audience. Thanks to all of you...

At the end of the summerholidays, on September the 1st, we'll be back @ La Battelerie and hope to see you again in THE party in Brussels: Bulex!

May 29 2007

Concerto à 1 Euro @ Rebecq (BE)

Yes, yes, yes! Despite the bad weather, you were more than 500 to attend the really first concert of Statelight. It was (in) in Rebecq at the festival 'concerto à 1euro'. Thanks again Rebecq !


Theatre and TV series 'Elle, Lui... l'Amour !" with Ariane Zantain and Olivier Vaughn

Elle, Lui... l'Amour !

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